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Our Game Wardens are the first and often only defenders of our wildlife and natural resources, yet we have fewer wardens on the job today than we did 20 years ago. If this trend continues, soon it won't matter how many laws we have; lawbreakers and poachers will decimate our wildlife, our fisheries and our environment.

By serving to provide financial assistance to wardens and their families, the California Wildlife Officers Foundation is working to attract more good men and women to this important job. Your support is vital to our success.

We process our donations through the worldwide activism and philanthropy platform, Causes. At our Causes page you can view videos and photos, discuss issues with friends, and donate. Your online donation security is kept secure throughout the entire transaction process.

​With the expansion of our Endowment to a minimum of $5,000,000, the Foundation will be able to make a huge difference in several of the Law Enforcement Division’s major unfunded projects. One example where we can have a major impact might be: only seventeen of our Wardens statewide have a warden K-9. The immediate target is twenty-four dogs, all of whom would be trained in detection and some in tracking and apprehension as well. One trained dog can save up to 800 personnel hours per year. According to the DFG, K-9 web page, the scenting capabilities of a dog are thousands of times greater than that of a human. A trained dog will protect the handler, track suspects, locate concealed evidence, perform area searches, detect weapons, assist in the arrest and perform valuable educational demonstrations. Depending on the deployment location, the dogs are trained to detect quagga mussels, firearms, bear gallbladders, deer, fish, elk, abalone, and waterfowl. Annual veterinarian bills can run as much as $2500 per dog and food costs are in the neighborhood of $700 per dog, even with special discounts provided by a generous manufacturer.

Another critical area where there is a need for help centers around training, both for the seasoned undercover units as well as new cadets going through the Academy. The Foundation can assist Wardens with travel expenses, materials, supplies and equipment when Budgets cannot cover these type of critical items.