R. Judd Hanna

A former Navy Pilot, real estate developer and former state Fish and Game Commissioner. Judd Hanna is a lifelong California resident and outdoorsman. He currently serves as chair of the Lassen Association, is a member of a number of conservation groups, a co-founder of the Mill Creek Conservancy and a rice farmer. He has been hunting and fishing since 1950, first with his grandfather and then his father and mother, who took him on his first duck and deer hunts. He believes California must have an adequate team of Game Wardens to enforce our resource laws, to ensure his own grandchildren and all future generations can continue to have quality outdoor experiences.

Warren E. "Ned" Spieker Jr.

A fifth generation Californian and business owner who took his company public on the New York Stock Exchange and sold it seven years later, enabling him to enjoy his outdoor interests, including bird hunting and fly fishing. Ned has been actively involved in California business and the outdoors for more than 40 years. As the owner of a ranch north of Marysville since the 1970's, he has become well acquainted with Game Wardens and the very difficult and challenging job they have.

Howard Ellman

Howard Ellman grew up in the Chicago area where he fished in Lake Michigan and became an avid bird hunter and clay target shooter. He moved to California in 1956 where he began practicing law, focusing on real estate and environmental issues, and taught at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. In his spare time he also managed to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials in international skeet, publish a novel, become a regular contributor to www.MadDuck.org and become a rice farmer. With his lifelong passion for fishing, backpacking, game bird hunting and clay target shooting, he believes strong and sensitive enforcement of game laws is vital for the future of our wildlife and habitat resources, particularly in times of increasing population and escalating demands on out water supplies and other natural resources.

Ellen Baker

Ellen Baker is a former Midwesterner who enjoyed the outdoors hunting and fishing with her father and brothers. She has a B.S. in Business administration from Notre Dame de Namur University and has lived and worked in California for the last 27 years. She was the California Game Wardens Foundation charter manager long before the group publicly launched in 2007. Her management experience guided the organization through its initial start-up, incorporation and Bylaws development, and continue to be an asset to the organization. She also created the organization's very successful scholarship awards program and has been instrumental in the collaborative fundraising effort. No stranger to the nonprofit world, Ellen has been involved with Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic and the Breast Cancer Connections.

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