K-9 Fundraiser. You can help!

The K-9s assist our wildlife officers in the following ways.

  • Protection 

    • Wildlife Officers often work in remote areas and often operate without backup. A K-9 can provide assistance for a warden when faced with a difficult situation

  • Detection

    • K-9s are trained to detect a number of different items that help our wardens do their jobs. From bear claws to quagga mussels to firearms, the detection abilities of the K-9s prove invaluable every day in bringing wrongdoers to justice.

  • ​Apprehension

    • Sometimes despite the best efforts of the wardens, people decide to run from the law despite knowing this is wrong. In this case, K-9s can provide assistance in apprehending suspects and greatly assist in keeping everyone safe. 

California has close to 164,000 square miles and close to 850 miles of coast line. At present, there are close to 300 sworn wildlife officers to protect our wildlife, scenery, water and everything else that makes up the natural splendor of the Golden State. K-9s are an extremely useful way to increase the effectiveness of our wildlife officers so we need your help.

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California Wildlife Officers Foundation

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The California Wildlife Officers Foundation is a 501-c-3 organization, Fed ID # is 20-8449229.

The Board of the California Wildlife Officers Foundation has recently approved Grants for the acquisition of K-9s for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Help CalWOF fully outfit these K-9's by helping fund a grant to purchase additional needed training and K-9 care equipment. Your contribution will help pay for food, training aids and other much needed equipment for the newest K-9 Wildlife Officers.