Wild Justice Series

In this series we follow the lives of California’s Game Wardens, on call 24/7, as they defend against human threats to the environment, endangered wildlife, and the cultivation of illegal drugs.  On foot, by car or off-road vehicle, by plane, or by boat, Game Wardens do it all as the state’s environmental officers.  As the only line of defense in these sparsely populated, and often deadly places, this small group of law enforcement officers are constantly in pursuit of poachers, polluters, and illegal marijuana growers; while still making sure hunters and anglers follow the rules.


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Original Productions is the creator of “Deadliest Catch”, “Ice Road Truckers”, “Axe Men” and many other acclaimed shows, so you know that this is one program you don’t want to miss.  The ratio of Wardens to the general population in California is the lowest of all 50 states and the Canadian Provinces.  The numbers of Wardens in California is roughly the same as sixty years ago, except now the state has 38 million people.

Because of this horrific ratio of Wardens per capita, it is no surprise that California’s fisheries and wildife population are in decline.  Laws and regulations mean nothing unless you have Wardens to enforce them.

Click here to watch “Wild Justice” on Nat Geo Channel and experience the reality.