"Game Wardens Foundation & Board of Directors, Our family thanks you from our hearts for both scholarship grants! This is a real blessing. It will allow both boys to focus on their school work rather than scrambling to make ends meet. It is truly wonderful to be a part of the family of Game Wardens, knowing that we are not alone but stand together and support one another. Gareth Brown is wearing the light blue shirt in the pictures. Garion Brown is wearing the dark shirt in the pictures. Presenting Game Warden is Wilbur Brown, Bdg.# 604. God Bless."

The Browns: Wilbur, Linda, Gareth, & Garion

“California Game Wardens are on the front lines of protecting our state's diverse and vibrant wildlife from overfishing, pollution, poaching and other threats. At CalTrout, where we are dedicated to protecting and restoring wild trout and steelhead waters throughout California, we view Game Wardens as essential allies. They deserve our thanks and support, and we need more of them. That’s why CalTrout is proud to endorse the work of the California Game Wardens Foundation. Their work helps ensure the laws protecting our outdoor natural resources are enforced, today and in the future.”

Brian Stranko

CEO, CalTrout

Becoming a game warden was a dream for me as a 5 year-old and I am one of the fortunate few who have had such a dream come true. I've been wearing this patch for almost 31 years now and we often longed for the support of a group like the Foundation when we wondered just WHO really KNEW about our careers, the impact on our families, and the sacrifices we willingly made in order to serve the public on behalf of our natural resources. Then, as is now, many of us took significant pay cuts from our previous jobs the day we were sworn in, even though it often meant combining the income of several jobs in a household in order to survive each month.


To you and your fellow members, thank you. On behalf of several of my game wardens who have benefitted from the kindness shown to them by the Foundation, I want to say I am amazed at how well our game warden 'family' comes together to help take care of one another. The Foundation has become a significant part of that family, helping to alleviate financial stress at times when stress seems to be the norm, by rallying to the side of those they don't even know. Just last week I was told by another warden of the scholarships received by two of his children and his wife, who is pursuing her college degree. As a supervisor and manager, I know what your support means, and has meant, to my wardens and their families. 

Doug Huckins

Assistant Chief Warden, North Coast District

"California Waterfowl is committed to improving and protecting our wetland and waterfowl resources, and ensuring that legal regulated hunting thrives in this great state. Hunters and anglers are conservation's biggest supporters, and key to our efforts to ensure healthy habitat and wildlife populations are the dedicated efforts of California Game Wardens. With that in mind, California Waterfowl proudly supports the work of the California Game Wardens Foundation to provide financial support to Game Wardens and their families in times of need."

Dr. Robert McLandress

President, California Waterfowl

"If the number of Game Wardens in California continues to dwindle, California's natural ecosystems, birds, fish and other wildlife are at greater risk from poaching, pollution and a host of other illegal activities. The California Game Wardens Foundation is helping address this threat by providing financial assistance that helps Game Wardens do their jobs, and helps wardens and their families in times of need. We're proud to support the work of CGWF because in fulfilling its mission, CGWF is helping ensure California's wildlife and habitats will endure for generations to come."

Glenn Olson

Vice President and Executive Director, Audubon California

"California's oak forest ecosystem is a critical link in California's natural environment, providing habitat to an immense array of wildlife. California's Game Wardens are the protectors of these irreplaceable natural resources; they deserve our thanks and support, as does the California Game Wardens Foundation. Their work to provide aid to Game Wardens and their families ensures we'll have Game Wardens to protect our natural resources for many years to come."

Janet S. Cobb

President, California Wildlife Foundation and California Oak Foundation

California Department of Fish and Game wardens are the primary force that protects our wildlife and natural resources from the poachers and traffickers who wantonly exploit them. Wardens literally put their lives on the line each day when they go to work and we at The Humane Society of the United States are extremely grateful for the sacrifices they make.

While the number of wardens has remained virtually unchanged in the last six decades, the threats to wildlife, the scope of illegal activity, and the responsibilities wardens are charged with have increased precipitously. Despite these challenges, wardens still do a tremendous job enforcing the laws and bringing criminals to justice. We're proud to support the work of California wardens and to partner with them in the effort to protect California's wildlife. 


Jennifer Fearing

California Senior State Director, The Humane Society of the United States

"California Game Wardens Foundation, Thank you so much for choosing me for your scholarship. I'm currently at HumboltState majoring in math and your scholarship is a big help towards that. Your scholarship is greatly appreciated. Thank You."

Jenny Weldon

"At Delta Waterfowl, our mission is to secure the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting, and we rely on a productive and collaborative partnership with Game Wardens to accomplish that mission. It is our hope that the work of the California Game Wardens Foundation will help attract more good people to the job of Game Warden and as such, help combat the efforts of poachers who are a threat to our outdoor heritage. We wholly commend CGWF for its work."

John L. Devney

Senior Vice President, Delta Waterfowl

“Sustaining California’s amazing wildlife and habitat requires good laws, but laws need good men and women to enforce them. We wholeheartedly endorse the California Game Wardens Foundation and its support programs, as they will help inspire more of those good men and women to join the cause for years to come.”

Karen Garrison

West-Coast Oceans Program Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

"The Ventana Wildlife Society proudly supports the efforts of the California Game Wardens Foundation in helping to attract more good people to the task of protecting our outdoor natural resources."

Kelly Sorenson

Executive Director, Ventana Wildlife Society

“As an organization committed to saving imperiled wildlife and championing the laws that protect them, Defenders of Wildlife relies on the work of California Game Wardens to enforce those laws, and recognizes that without more wardens on the job, imperiled wildlife is at even greater risk from poaching and other illegal activity. That is why Defenders of Wildlife enthusiastically supports the work of the California Game Wardens Foundation, which will help attract more qualified women and men to this important task.”

Kim Delfino

California Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife

"California Game Wardens Foundation, Thank you so much for your generosity and the support you provide for California's Game Wardens. You truly do live up to your mission statement. The scholarship will be put to good use as I continue my graduate studies in the administration of justice and security. Again, thank you."

Mike Kirchner

Warden #585

"Dear Board Members. On behalf of Jennifer and Shane, I wish to thank you for your generous scholarship grants. It is extremely helpful to receive financial support with college tuition, etc. As you are aware, wardens have been reduced in pay about 15% due to furloughs, so every penny counts. Attached is photo of my wife and son receiving their grants. Thank you once again for supporting us and our future."

Respectfully, Wdn. Jason Chance #631

"In California, the fundamental mission of United Anglers is to implement and support conservation efforts for the benefit of California’s resources and fishing. California’s Game Wardens are a critical partner in this effort, but like our reefs, wardens are slowly disappearing and only public support can reverse this trend. That’s why United Anglers proudly supports the California Game Wardens Foundation, which is doing it’s part to attract more qualified candidates to the job of Game Warden, and ensuring these law enforcement officers have the resources they need to protect our resources on the land and in the ocean."

Tom Raftican

President, United Anglers