Fundraising Goal
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All monies donated to the CalWOF are placed in a professionally managed Endowment that generates annual income for making grants. The Principal of the Endowment will maintain a "high water mark" in perpetuity equal to the sum of all donated monies. Preservation of the Principal is paramount. Investment focus is on yield, quality and diversification. Current annual payout is budgeted at 4% of the Principal.

Grants are made at the discretion of the Board for: emergency medical assistance for Wardens; scholarships for Wardens' children; special Training needs; and special awards for service and/or recognition.

In 2007, the foundation raised its first $1 million, and is now working on a second million dollars. With each million dollar milestone reached, the Endowment Fund can generate about $40,000 per year in monies available for grants.

To learn more, please visit our fundraising campaign.